Monday, February 2, 2015

Sunrise > Sunset

It's 6am Tuesday morning. And I've decided the sunrise is better than the sunset. For me anyways. Anybody who knows me, just a little, knows I am a night owl. So, I don't see the sunrise often and always assumed I enjoyed the sunset more. But really, the less we see of things, the more beautiful they are in our own eyes. They are a rarer beauty. 

The Citadel is just a bit to the right of the center of the photo. 
Technically, I am up really late and complaining on various social media sites about how I cannot get on a normal sleep schedule. But I'm actually thankful to be awake at this early hour to see the sun come up over the Citadel from my balcony. 
  • Side pun: Got the sun goin' up... on a Tuesday.
Slept for 2 hours, awake for 5, now let's see if I can get back to sleep and still be up in time to see more than 3 hours of daylight. Beginning to wonder if this blog title should have been Jet Lagged for Life."

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