Friday, February 13, 2015

Bikinis, Booties, Beanies, and... Blazes

Casual day at City Mall. Doing your everyday shopping for bikinis and beanies, right? Well that's not really two things you normally buy together, but when it's 40 degrees in Amman and you are getting ready for a warm weekend in Aqaba, it is. It was really the perfect time to buy because stores are cleaning out their fall product and getting ready for spring styles so I got a beanie for 4JD, but also the leftover bathing suits are from last season so Tara got that for only 2JD! It was a win-win. 

Oh and there was one other small win... 2JD leather booties. What? How does that even happen? I'll tell how. You find something in a store without a tag, with only one left, and it just happens to be in your size, and when the sales associate can't seem to find it in the computer, boom it's 2JD. Then, you rush out of the store in a retail high because you feel as if you have literally stole something and someone may chase you down, realizing the mistake they have made and ask you to pay more. Luckily that didn't happen. 

The 2JD booties.

So, as the lovely shopping trip comes to a close Tara and I are waiting on Nicola to finish up and then we look up and Aldo is on FIRE. Okay, the "o" was on fire. Next thing I know Tara is running to tell the store that it is on fire and moving much faster than I. Luckily, that gave me time to video and get photos of the incident. Within a few minutes the fire was out and we were on our way home. 

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