Saturday, February 7, 2015

It's Electric

We got our electricity bill this week. For one month, it was 315 JD. That's about 445 USD. For an apartment. We don't have central heating or air, but we do have 4 space heaters. And apparently that's the kicker. An expensive electricity bill for Amman is normally 100 to 150 JD, so while this number remains unconfirmed, we remain hopeful...

In other electrifying news, the fridge decided to take the weekend off and the freezer has completely given up on life. All of Nicola's bread making stuff has gone bad. So that means no crumpets for anyone. Someone was going to be here around 5:30pm to check it out... it's now 10:41pm. This takes arab time to a whole new meaning. Also we could have expected someone in 30 minutes from 3pm to explain the electric bill and they have yet to show also. That takes bad landlords to a whole new meaning. 

All in all, we are just thankful that at the end of the day, we have wifi, and can watch Katy Perry from "Left Shark's" halftime show on repeat... oh wait. 

Get a copy of your free left shark while you still can.

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