Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lexington vs. Amman

You can't be homesick, if you always feel at home. 

Long time, no post. What motivates me to write? Boredom. A slow day at the office. Isn't that funny? Office. I work in an office. In Amman, Jordan. I have a lovely view of Amman, but in the distance sits Mukhtar Mall. Reminding me of my past. When I was here this summer to study Arabic, I went to Mukhtar Mall basically everyday. And it's not for the enjoyment of going to the mall to go shopping (as Mukhtar Mall is literally the worst mall in Amman and should not even be called a mall), it's because it was literally the only thing that was walking distance to where I lived to buy groceries. Walking distance is funny also. In small town North Carolina, we were never concerned with "walking distance" because nothing was walking distance, not even the end of the driveway. The only time we walked anywhere was if we were specifically going for a walk. 

Lexington vs. Amman. I'm not sure two places could be more different, yet I gladly call both of them home. 

Similarities: hospitable family and friends, food delivery, most people from either place don't really know where the other place is, cookouts or barbecues are always a success, the weather temperature is pretty similar throughout the year (although humidity and precipitation differs exponentially), agreement that Coke tastes better in a glass bottle (although in Amman you order Coke as cola and Pepsi as Pepsi). 

Differences: In Lexington we walk around barefoot but in Amman sometimes sandals even seem questionable; In Lexington there are BBQ restaurants on every corner, but in Amman there are falafel stands; In Lexington you may see one taxi once a week, but in Amman you will see a taxi before any other mode of transportation; Lexington doesn't have any malls, but Amman has many; in Lexington you munch on carrots with a little hummus if you want to be healthy or fancy or different but in Amman we eat hummus by the breadfuls when we are poor or as a side dish at basically every meal breakfast. lunch, and dinner; in Lexington we drink iced sweet tea, but in Amman that's a specialtea (pun intended); in Lexington you see cows grazing, but in Amman you see camels (they are also available for giving rides at any moment, just ask), in Lexington the average glass size is anywhere from 21 to 32 oz, but in Amman it's about 8 oz, also refills aren't really a thing in Amman. 

By the way, Happy Hummus Day.